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Susan Thomas was born in New York City in 1946. She earned a B.A. and an M.F.A. from Sarah Lawrence College, and has stories, poems and translations in many journals and anthologies.

She has won the Iowa Poetry Award from Iowa Review, the Ann Stanford Prize from University of Southern California, first prize from the Spoon River Review and New York Stories and the 2010 MR Prize from the Mississippi Review. Her most recent collection of short stories, Among Angelic Orders, is forthcoming from Fomite Press. The Empty Notebook Interrogates Itself is was published in 2011 by Fomite Press. Red Hen Press published her collection, State of Blessed Gluttony (2004), which won their Benjamin Saltman Prize and Last Voyage: Selected Poems of Giovanni Pascoli (2010), which was co-translated with Deborah Brown and Richard Jackson. She also has two chapbooks, The Hand Waves Goodbye (Main Street Rag, 2002) and Voice of the Empty Notebook (Finishing Line Press, 2007).

She lives in New York City and Marshfield, VT with her husband, Peter Sills.

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Selected Works

Short Story Collection
The characters in Among Angelic Orders are harassed by the distant and not-so-distant past, by the future, by this world and the next. They live their lives in a state of ambivalence, longing for something they have lost, while hanging on desperately to what they have. The tone of the collection is funny, sad, loving, sarcastic. These are stories of mischief, yearning, confusion, loss and the random nature of mercy that defines our human condition.
"Quick, open these pages and meet The Empty Notebook-the enduring nothingness out of which all is generated, the negative capability on which artists thrive, ecstatic world-wanderer, canny literary imitator, driven self-obsessive-as vivaciously, and audaciously, imagined by Susan Thomas. Pleasures await." .
-Jeanne Marie Beaumont
Incredibly original... by turns ironic, tragic, comic... paradoxical gusto of pathos
-Richard Jackson
Full of meaty poems and wry surprises... Thomas’ reach is broad and daring.
-Maxine Kumin
This delightful—and long overdue—collection shows Susan Thomas at her delicious best.
-Jane Shore
Poems in translation
“The major portion of this ambitious translation is devoted to Pascoli’s revisionist version of Homer’s epic; in it Odysseus does not return home, slay the suitors and embrace his wife. Instead, he falls into a deep sleep, sails past Ithaka and is forced to revisit his former route, complete with heart-stopping adventures and profound grief. The narration is deft, elegiac, and intensely lyrical, making this book a pleasure to read.” .
-Maxine Kumin